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Thursday, November 08, 2007

More on English School Franchises

Of course you would never, ever think of buying a franchise before talking to many people who are already doing it right? A surprising number of people would according to franchising experts. I have always wanted to have balance at the Greenlist, hence the links below to more information about Smith`s and other franchise opportunities.

You really need to research this! Before going into any kind of franchise opportunity, talk to people who are doing it, or have done it. And don`t believe the hype: good or bad at the forums. Better still avoid forums. They are usually too negative. Unfortunately it seems to be human nature.

Read well researched articles on the topics you are interested in-in this case buying a franchise. But avoid articles that are too positive or too negative. Sorry if I am being pedantic, but I think a lot of teachers have been swayed by forums too much.

More research on Smith`s English School franchises:

  • Speaking Out on English School Franchises

  • And a comparison of Smith`s, One World and Modern English:

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