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Monday, August 03, 2009

Teaching English abroad and becoming a qualified esl teacher

Posted by Thailanddelights

Hundreds of millions of people all over the globe want and need to learn English. The only way they can get real experience of English speakers is if you go out and speak to them. So, if you can speak English then you can be an English teacher. This means that you can travel overseas and find paid teaching work pretty much anywhere around the world.

What are TEFL England courses?

The TEFL England course aims to give you the tools, theory and methodology and more importantly, the confidence to do this.

How you learn is up to you. Some prefer to do this on a classroom-based course over one weekend, others prefer to take on the theory and method with online learning, many though, do both.

We host courses throughout England, so you will be able to find a course date and location to suit you.

Can I take a TEFL course?

Anyone who can speak English is eligible. You don't have to be a professor in English, you don't need experience or qualifications, you just need enthusiasm. In our experience, you don't need to be an out-going performer to teach English in the classroom, you simply need the skills to know what to do when you first step into your first lesson.

How can I find work?

The TEFL England certificate will find you paid teaching work in pretty much any country worldwide, such is the demand for learning English. Some TEFL graduates are teaching English right here in England.

On the course, you'll get lots of help about how to apply for work, and as a TEFL England customer, you'll be entitled to call us anytime for jobs advice.

The most difficult step you need to take is to decide where you want to go!

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