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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Presentations at the Kyushu Expo this weekend

Presentations at the Kyushu Expo this weekend

(from David Paul`s Newsletter)


Keiko Willhite
Teaching adults: How to cut your preparation time by 75%

Riaz Donaldson
Red Rocket Readers: Launch into literacy

Cynthia Daugherty
Writing about the world around us: Hints from Sei Shonagon for Japanese learners of English

Kathleen Fukuhara
Creating and maintaining motivation in the EFL classroom

David Borgeson
Elementary school ALT roundtable discussion

Cameron Taylor
Circling with personalised questions and answers


Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto
Great activities and techniques for large and small classes

Paul Shimizu
Close your books

Tristan Scholze
The importance of writing for children

Trudie Heiman
An online interactive vocabulary learning

Ai Murphy (in Japanese)
Starter kit for English teachers

Cameron Taylor
Before you read


Laurie Thain
Choosing and using musical materials in the classroom

David Paul
Motivating teenagers and adults to communicate

Greg Crawford
Readers for 'Finding Out'!

Bill Pellowe

Nicholas Webb
Offshore investment options available to teachers in Kyushu


Darren Halliday
A personalized approach to English learning

Paul Nation
What are the ten most effective vocabulary activities?

Simon Goddard Weedon
Promoting reading fluency with elementary and junior high students

Helene Jarmol Uchida
Me, myself & I

Junichi Shibata (in Japanese))
Fun and effective English activities through the PDCA cycle

Christopher Chase
The GCE Project—Facilitating authentic intercultural communication online


Kevin Churchley
The Oxford Reading Tree: A powerful key to English education

David Paul
Personal construct psychology and its implications in the classroom

Robert Murphy
Get neuro-psyched! Improve memory and learning

Rumiko Kido
The goal driven class - We can do it with WE CAN!

Yukari Kitajima (in Japanese)
What kind of English activities really work at public elementary schools?

Mike Guest
Alternative evaluation: definitions, problems, and suggestions


Paul Nation
Developing fluency across the four skills

Michael Connely
Are you smarter than a preschool student?

Michael Phillips
Mistakes are OK!

David Borgeson
Phonics Is my mistress

Tristan Scholze
School owners’ roundtable