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Monday, January 31, 2011

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Monday January 31st

Japan education news

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Critics of English education in Japan misguided
Japanese professor speaks out

High court sides with Tokyo on anthem
Teachers who refused to stand and sing 'Kimigayo' lose court case

Preschool, day care integration plan eases
Government to offer financial incentives but not push hard for integration

Anti-bullying rules being ignored
389 boards of education don't meet standards

Only 20% of English conversation teachers give classes in English
Far short of the 2013 100% target for high schools

Cutting edge research

Video games, new media have place in training, say medical students
BMC Medical Education

A second language gives toddlers an edge
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology

Babies process language in a grown-up way
Cerebral Cortex

Better learning through handwriting than using a keyboard
Advances in Haptics

Technology in schools: ipod Touch becomes learning tool

ELTBOOKS site updated and improved

The online book store, which offers 20% discounts
on English language teaching materials now has a revamped and
greatly improved site.

Click here to see the site.

Self-developed textbooks by Japan-based teacher receive
very positive reviews

Robert S. Murphy, a teacher based in Kitakyushu, has developed
a series of textbooks for university students.

Click here to see information and comments
Click here to order the books
Japan-based teacher develops free online penpal
community for jr/sr high school students

Through PikiFriends, Japanese junior/senior high school students
can communicate with their peers all over the world.

Click here to see the site
Click here for the You Tube channel

Presentations coming soon

See events supported by Language Teaching Professionals

Sun Feb 13 - Okayama
Extensive Reading in Japan Seminar 2011
Rob Waring and Atsuko Takase

Sun Feb 27 - Hiroshima
Balance in the curriculum: Applying Paul Nation's four strands
to children's lessons
Carla Wilson

Sun Mar 13 - Fukuoka
Improve your memory and learning: Practical classroom applications

Robert S. Murphy


Keio's dropping of the Center Shiken and the
(non-existent) Monkasho English 'word list'
Mike Guest
Read Mike's latest blog on ELT News

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