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Thursday, March 17, 2011

David Paul`s Latest Newsletter

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Monday February 28th

Reliable information

With so much conflicting information, it is very difficult to assess the dangers.
The following websites seem reliable and are regularly updated:

ELT News
BBC News
Huffington Post

Russell Willis of ELT News is especially to be applauded for his thorough updates.

Human stories

Over 14,000 dead or missing
The number of people who have died or are missing continues to climb

American teacher walks 20 hours to find girlfriend
Tsunami survivor's amazing trek

Amid Sendai's devastation, a father seeks his daughter
An elderly father looks for his daughter

Four-month-old baby, 70-year-old woman found alive
Amid the silent corpses a baby cried out - and Japan met its tiniest miracle

Boy continues lonely search for family members
Boy searching for his whole family

How to help

Send a message of support or donate to Save the Children

Donate to the Red Cross

Donate to Doctors Without Borders

One-day courses in teaching children

Certificate courses in teaching English to elementary school children.
These courses will go ahead in some areas of Japan

A course will be run free of charge in Tohoku when it becomes possible to do this.

April 3 - Tokyo
April 10 - Osaka
May 1 - Fukuoka
May 15 - Kanazawa
May 22 - Matsuyama
May 29 - Okayama

All courses are on Sundays

Click here for more detailed information

New ETJ website

ETJ has a new website. More widespread announcements on this
will be made when things have settled down in Japan

New ETJ site

Hands-on interactive learning

Philip Garden, a teacher in Kyoto, has put together a wonderful
range of felt-board stories for children. They offer all kinds of
possibilities for teachers of children.

Click here for more detailed information

Events coming soon

Sunday March 20 - Nagoya
ETJ: Cynthia Akazawa - 'Teaching special children'

Sunday April 3 - Chiba
ETJ: Various speakers

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