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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lexxica wins Awards

Tokyo based venture, Lexxica, enters real life Dragon's Den and slays the competition

The G-Startup venture business competition was held on Wednesday April 27 in Beijing as part of the 2011 Global Mobile Internet Conference. The competition provides a big stage for small start ups to garner international media attention at the popular Global Mobile Internet Conference, which, for the first time ever was held in Beijing this year. Thousands of venture capitalists, telcom execs, and members of the international press watched in awe as 20 feisty entrepreneurs armed with little more than big ideas battled it out for fame and precious capital in a grueling question and answer session with five top venture fund managers from Silicon Valley, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing.

When the dust cleared, one venture was left standing - Word Engine powered by Lexxica. Word Engine provides special purpose vocabulary knowledge testing and training solutions to schools, universities, textbook publishers and e-learning content providers. "The deals we have in trials with distributors in China now are worth at least $5 million to us this year and potentially $50 million each year thereafter," reports Guy Cihi, CEO and co-founder of Lexxcia. "After a long 'beta' testing period involving thousands of students and hundreds of universities, we are ready and confident to do business with distribution partners on a global scale," he beamed.

The judges agreed and Lexxica took top honors by besting 9 very sharp competitors hailing from all parts of the world.

See the Word Engine for Japan here:
See the Word Engine for China here:

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