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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special ETJ seminar on teaching children

Special ETJ seminar on teaching children


Where can you find all these Presenters in one place????

Ritsuko Nakata, Barbara Sakamoto, Yoko Matsuka, David Paul

 The ETJ Seminar on teaching children!

   A rare chance to see these four specialists in teaching children at one event.


Ritsuko Nakata

   Let's motivate and get students talking.

Barbara Sakamoto

   Let's teach reading!

Yoko Matsuka

   Using different assessment styles.

David Paul

   Child-centered learning.

Roundtable discussion

   All four presenters will discuss questions from teachers attending the seminar.


Tokyo Kasei University

   Building number 16. Room 1B
   Click for a map
   (walk from JR Jujo station)

Seminar fee:
   ETJ members: ¥2,000
   Non-members: ¥3,000
There is no fee for joining ETJ. Click here to join.

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