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Thursday, August 11, 2011

ETJ English Language Teaching Expos

English Teachers in Japan

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ETJ English Language Teaching Expos

Bringing together ALL English teachers

Expo registration

You can now register for the Expos at

Contents of this newsletter

1. Dates and venues

2. Would you like to give a presentation?

3. Would you like to have a display?

1. Dates and venues

Saturday Oct 1 / Sunday Oct 2
Tokyo Keizai University

Sunday Oct 9
Hiroshima Kogyo University (Naka-ku campus)

Sunday Oct 16
Seifu High School, Osaka

Sunday Oct 30
Tohoku Fukushi University, Sendai

Sunday Nov 6
Sugiyama Jogakuen University (Hoshigaoka campus), Nagoya

Sunday Dec 4
Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka

The Tokyo and Tohoku Expos are in association with JALT

The following volunteer groups are supporting the Tokyo Expo:
ETJ-Tokyo, ETJ-Chiba, ETJ-Saitama
FETJ-Tokyo, FETJ-Saitama, FETJ-Kanagawa, FETJ-Chiba
West Tokyo JALT, Tokyo JALT, Yokohama JALT, JALT LLL SIG, JALT Critical Thinking SIG

2. Would you like to give a presentation?

Many presentation slots at the Expos are kept for local teachers who are not connected with
a commercial organization, such as a publisher.

If you would like to apply to give a presentation, please reply to this e-mail with the following

Name of your nearest Expo
Title of the presentation
Name(s) of the presenter(s)
Abstract (maximum 50 words)
Information on the presenter(s) (maximum 30 words per presenter)
Types of teacher the presentation is aimed at (e.g. university teachers)
The language of the presentation (e.g. English)
Any time of day the presenter(s) is/are not available.
Equipment needed

For more information on giving a presentation, click here.

3. Would you like to have a display ?

If you are interested in having a display at one or more of the Expos, please reply to this e-mail.

Commercial displays
ELT-related companies are welcome to have displays at the Expos. If your company is interested in having a display, please send an e-mail and you will be sent the current rates.

Cheap displays for individuals and small companies
The one-table displays are a lot cheaper than other displays and are intended for individual teachers and small companies.

Free displays
Associations, charities, unions, support groups and other worthy causes can have free displays at the Expos.

For more information on having a  display, click here.