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Friday, March 21, 2008

Tell Us About the Good Schools you Worked For

From the Editor:

I wish more people would do what Doug Smith has done here.
Why not pay a little back to future people who may wish to
teach English in Japan. Email the Greenlist and tell us about
the great experience you had at your school.

Email the Greenlist and tell us your good experiences and at
which school:

The internet is rampant with negativity about so many
topics, including English Schools in Japan. The people
with positive experiences are too busy enjoying their lives.
But please pay it back by telling us about it. It helps!

Even with some of the moderators
at the various forums about teaching here; you almost have
to pry it out of them with a crowbar to get them to tell you
where they taught and if it was good or not. They seem
downright reluctant to tell you about the good schools they
worked for. There is a lot of bitterness on the net.
(End of Rant)

Pay it forward!

Thanks Doug for contributing! It helps others!