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Monday, August 17, 2009

The House that Dave Built

The Future of David English House

by David Paul

David English House would like to continue and expand our support of English teachers and schools in Japan. We would like to work with individual teachers, particularly those who have self-developed teaching materials, and with other companies in order to make this possible.

We have decided to separate David English House into two companies. The current company will continue to take care of our Hiroshima schools. The new company will be 'David English House - Professional Development' and will take care of the following:

* distance learning
* teacher training
* book sales and marketing
* The ETJ central office and events such as the Expos
* new projects that support teachers in Japan.

We are looking for small amounts of sponsorship for this new company

Basic sponsorship
* for individuals who would like to make it possible for David English House to continue to support teachers
* for teachers or small companies who have self-developed materials or services that they would like to market to teachers/schools around Japan using David English House's marketing routes.

Company sponsorship
* for companies that would like to work in partnership with David English House and gain effective ways to market materials or services to teachers.

All sponsors would receive shares in the new company and gain effective ways to promote materials and services to English teachers in Japan.

How to get more information

If you are interested in having more information on the benefits of sponsorship and on how the new company will be run, please just reply to this e-mail. I will send you a power point slide show that outlines the plan.

I very much hope we will be able to move forward positively in support of English education in Japan.

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