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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Start your own School in Japan

Open your own School in Japan!

I did, and God knows if I did you certainly can eh!

So if you stay in Japan long term, you may wish to join the growing ranks of entrepreneurs that open their own schools here.
There`s an ETJ Group at Yahoo Groups devoted entirely to this topic.

I opened Kevin`s in 1991, two years after arriving in Japan. I had kept my eyes open, I had worked for a few different schools at that point. I had gotten a feel for what worked and what didn`t. I felt fairly confident I could open my own school.

You can too!

I encourage you to consider opening your own school or other business in Japan. Japan badly needs new people and new ideas.
Foreigners bring both into Japan when they come and stay. We
make Japan a better and more interesting place. White rice is good but rice mixed with meat and vegetables is healthier and will make you stronger.

Frankly I don`t recommend it as a business and it isn`t a good way to get rich.
It is a pretty good life though.

Just don`t open near me!