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Friday, October 16, 2009


Calling all jr/sr high ESL/EFL teachers: Soon to announce opening of free beta site to help specifically secondary teachers and students use English.

Brief website description here:

Whether or not you use the internet with your students, there's no doubt the opportunities to create authentic communicative situations are many. But I've always thought that even though there are tons of great tools available, none worked just right for secondary schools. We have particular safety issues, assessment needs, and time constraints (we're busy!). So a few years ago I set out to create the "perfect" tool. Now we're getting very close to releasing version 1.
So if you are interested, please contact me. You must be a secondary school teacher, however, so you will need to include your school name, address and website info along with your personal school email address, it's the only way we can verify the users in order to keep everything safe. Or if you just want more information, let me know.