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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ESL Teaching - A Wonderful way to see the World

ESL Teaching - A Wonderful Way to See the World
Kevin R Burns

Keen to visit varied lands and be paid for doing so? Then why not consider ESL
teaching? You don't necessarily need to have a university degree, although a
good educational background is desirable and, of course, you'll need to be a
native English speaker, or with a really good knowledge of the language.

You'll discover many affordable courses to help open doors to the multitude of
jobs teaching English which exist Worldwide. Never before have there been so
many people eager to learn English, so let's have a look at the various types of
course available.


First of all what, exactly, is ESL? The initials stand for "English as a Second
Language". Strictly speaking, ESL applies to teaching non-English speaking
students in an English-speaking country. Whereas EFL - or English as a Foreign
Language - refers to the teaching of non-English speaking students in a
non-English speaking country.

There is also another term - ESOL. This stands for English for Speakers of Other
Languages, and encompasses both ESL and EFL.


Are you a native English speaker, or perhaps you have an excellent knowledge of
English - both written and spoken? Then why not make the most of this ability?
Take one of the numerous TESL or TEFL courses and start teaching!

Courses for Teaching English as a Second Language, or Teaching English as a
Foreign Language can be found both online and offline.

Online courses tend to be cheaper, costing from as little as $150. The drawback
to these is that they don't normally include any teaching practice, so they're
more suited to people with teaching experience. However, some do arrange
teaching practice at local schools and academies... and there's nothing to stop
you offering your services for free in order to gain experience!

A full-time offline course normally lasts around 4 weeks and, although more
expensive, should include a supervised practical teaching component.

CELTA Courses

Whereas TESL/TEFL are certificate courses offered by various institutions, CELTA
is an English Language Training Certificate validated by Cambridge University,
and is available in some 50 countries Worldwide.

Although the abbreviation stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to
Adults, it does also prepare you for teaching children. Teaching practice is not
only a requirement on the course, but also very much emphasised.

The drawback to CELTA is its price, which can be as much as $2,000 for a 4-week
full-time course. And, the sad fact is that potential employers do not always
fully understand the differences between the various courses, with the
presumable superiority of the CELTA course being lost on them.

Whichever course you finally plump for, it will surely open up a new World for
you, be it in your home country, overseas, or even online. So, do check out EFL
and ESL teaching possibilities. You won't regret it!

Kevin Burns is creator of
where you also find interesting information about
[]ESL teaching.

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