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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Small English Schools are Beautiful!

Small schools offer hope amid eikaiwa slump
Innovation is the key to resuscitating the ailing English teaching sector, say instructors


The collapse of the Geos eikaiwa (English conversation school) chain earlier this year came as a cruel blow to an industry still struggling to restore its credibility years after Nova's high-profile implosion.

News photo
Drop in, work out: Patrick Sherriff, co-owner of Tower English School, teaches kids — and mothers — at a recent playgroup drop-in in Abiko, Chiba Prefecture. RICHARD SMART PHOTO

Since the Nova bankruptcy of 2007, the financial situation at the major schools has continued to worsen, with both student numbers and sales dropping, and many teachers are now looking for ways to make money outside the big eikaiwa model.

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