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Thursday, December 02, 2010

1st Grade Spelling Words:

1st Grade Spelling Words: An Easy to Follow Teaching Guide

by Sandra Johnson

One of the keys to teaching correct spelling is repetition. Repetition can be quite boring and you do not want to lose the interest of your students. When it comes to teaching 1st grade spelling words you are going to want to put the words into themed lists. Keep in mind that children are easily distracted and that too much information can make them lose interest.

Sets of Words with Similar Ending
If the words are related to one another, it will be easier for the student to memorize and commit them to memory. This technique can also add an element of fun to learning if the words rhyme or are in fun themes such as Halloween words or Christmas words. Here are several 1st grade words that you can try with your class or own kids. These are in sets of related words based on their endings such as –an, -en, -end.      Read More