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Sunday, January 09, 2011

About Story Grammar for ESL Students

About Story Grammar for ESL Students

(Pictured, Robotic Godzilla attacks the electric football field, I hate it when that happens. Photo by Richard Baladad, at great personal risk).  You never know what will happen in Japan!   There are monsters everywhere!  Watch out Hiroshi!  Look out behind you!!!

It can be argued that grammar is better understood if the words are individually understood. A story is a narrative and written discourse. While grammar is the "study" part of English which determines how different words come together to form sentences.

In terms of the grammar of stories, - grammar means language elements.

So the phrase story grammar is basically the elements of a story and includes the title, author, setting, main character, conflicts and resolution, ements and conclusion. It could also include the initiating event, internal response, attempt, consequence and reaction.

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