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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Teach English in Asia

Teach English in Asia

Teach English in Asia

By Raymond Connors

Are you qualified to teach English in Asia? If you are a native English speaker, or can speak English almost like a native speaker, then the answer is "Yes".
Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, an Indonesia need English teachers and the TESOL or TEFL qualification needed to be able to teach it is easy to get, and need not be expensive.
Did you know that at any one time, there are approximately 14,000 vacant jobs for English teachers world wide?

The world has gone crazy over learning English, and if you are a native English speaker, you already have the major qualification needed.
Of course if you have a University education too, then your chances of finding your dream job are made even better, BUT it is not necessary to have a University education to land a good job as an English teacher.
People all over the world are using English for commerce, education and travel, and you are already in possession of the tools to enjoy an adventurous lifestyle travelling the world and teaching English, helping ordinary people achieve their goals in life.
The ability to speak English, in many countries, means job security, better opportunities for employment, enhanced social status, and promotion prospects. And YOU can be the person who helps these people achieve those goals- Empowering feeling to be sure!
How are your current prospects at home? Rising unemployment, rising prices, higher taxes, falling job security, falling job satisfaction, little respect from employers, job with no prospect of making a difference to people lives- If any one of these describes your situation, maybe its time for a rethink- The non-English speaking world needs you.
How about a job where you earn more than enough for a comfortable lifestyle, and the boss is grateful that you choose to work there and says so, the challenge of new cultures, hours to suit you (most are UNDER 20 hours a week), the thrill of knowing you are making a difference to the lives of ordinary people, and the respect of the local community in which you work? Some places will even provide you with a furnished apartment at no cost, complete with Internet, cable TV and all the comforts of home. Some even re-imburse your air fares after you have been working with them for a while, AND provide funds for your return home at the end of the contract...

Too good to be true?
Certainly not - If you know anyone who has taught English abroad, ask them about their experiences - you will be mostly pleasantly surprised.
The salaries are of course probably lower than at home, but then the cost of living is very much lower too - The English teacher in Asia usually has an income and respect similar to that of a local doctor or a lawyer. And the students are often a pleasure to teach - courteous, willing to learn, and attentive. Not all benefits can be measured by money alone. How do you put a value on adventure for which you are paid? New friendships that may last a life-time? And cross-cultural exchange? They are priceless.
Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to be able to speak the local language to teach English - in fact, it is often forbidden in the English classroom, and there are inexpensive courses that will equip you with the right way to go about your new job.
Asia and other regions await you-adventure-respect and the knowledge that you can make a difference.

Empowerment for ordinary people.
Dr Raymond Connors is a long time Australian ESL teacher and University lecturer and teacher trainer in Vietnam. He assists people who want to become English teachers in Asia, by outlining the steps that are needed, and showing what to avoid in the quest to become a succesful ESL teacher in ASIA.
He is a regular contributor to a variety of forums on teaching English, and is a teacher trainer and mentor. More information is available from

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