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Monday, January 31, 2011

Genki English Newsletter February 2011

Genki English Newsletter February 2011


1. Song of the Month: Baby Monkey's School
2. Game of the Month: Matchbox Magic
3. And finally


Just a quick word to let you know that today is the last day of the free vol. 11 mp3s. From tomorrow they'll be all offline! Plus the actual CD won't be available for quite a while yet as I'm still not 100% satisfied with all the graphics yet. So get the mp3s whilst you can!

If you're not a VIP Member yet, just get your download pack order in today and you'll be able to get them too!


1. Song of the Month: Baby Monkey's School

One of the vol. 11 songs that you might have missed is "Baby Monkey's School"

It's a hip hoppy, pop mix featuring days of the week and school subjects together in one song. It's very popular with 5th and 6th graders and as a listening exercise for junior high students. Of course the little kids like it as well!

VIP members can download the mp3 direct from the link below - but only till the end of today!


2. Game of the Month: Magic Matchbox

This is another very simple game sent in by Mido Farid, this time to practice "How many?"

1. Split the kids into 2 groups.
2. Give each group a matchbox and up to 11 toothpicks.
3. One kid from each group puts a secret amount of toothpicks into the box.
4. The other kids in their group ask the other group "How many?"
5. The other group guesses.
6. If they get it right, one point.
7. Repeat from step 3 changing the team and "box child" each time!

Very simple but it works incredibly well for teamwork and team building skills - not to mention the kind of crazy card-game-like strategy skills that boys love!

More ideas can be found on the "How many?" lesson plan page:


3. And finally....

We've also uploaded some funky new "Head & Shoulders" flashcards featuring Baby Monkey. You don't actually need flashcards for this song, but the kids seem to go crazy for them!

And don't forget the warm & snugly "Winter Clothes" lesson:

OK enjoy the Baby Monkey's School and vol. 11 songs - "I am a robot" is also really popular - but get them today!

Be genki,


Richard J. Graham
The Fun Way to Teach.
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