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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life in Japan Now - Don`t Believe the Hype in the News

I was just interviewed by a radio station in Montreal about the state of life in Japan now.
I told about how we are struggling along. Dealing with aftershocks, the occasional new earthquake,
as well as long lines at gas stations, and the lack of milk, bread and some other kinds of food.

If you want to know what is going on in Japan:

Don`t watch Fox News, I don`t recommend CNN. BBC is pretty good. The Real is better.

While this tragedy has been absolutely terrible for those up in the Fukushima area and some other
parts of Tohoku, Japan, and my heart goes out to the people who have lost their lives, their friends and relatives and the very courageous people trying to stem this disaster now.

I want to say most of us are healthy in Japan. And frankly it doesn`t help to have to deal with the hysteria coming from
abroad, along with everything else.

The greatest danger is psychological. My doctor, brother in Vancouver said some people are freaking out. I read on the West Coast of the USA, people are heading inland! This is an overreaction.

Maybe you will remember that near Las Vegas many years ago, they did not one, but many above ground nuclear explosions.
People didn`t freak out nearly as much as now, and that was frankly much more dangerous than what is happening in Japan these days.

If you are outside of the 80km limit set by Canada and the USA -around the nuclear reactors in Fukushima,
you are safe. That is my take, and the take of the vast majority of experts. If you want conspiracy theories,
I`m sure you can find some. But no sense poisoning your body with medicine you don`t need, nor
dragging your family away from home. I haven`t, and I am not suicidal.

We go about our daily lives in the
shadow of Mount Fuji. Today I went for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine. And thought how lucky I am to be alive, and to have a great wife and three lovely kids, and I said a prayer for the people up north

There are a few of us Canadians here in Japan. In case you are worried about anyone over here,
or just want a less sensational and more real take on what is going on, you can check out my blog I update it with balanced news and my own take on things.

I look forward to meeting some of you at a future teaching conference in Japan or abroad.

Kevin Burns