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Thursday, June 09, 2011

David Paul`s Latest Newsletter

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Wednesday June 8th

New Facebook page

Language Teaching Professionals now has a Facebook page
Please support our efforts to help the professional development of English teachers.

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Japan education news

Japan has the best behaved students
An OECD report says Japanese teenagers are the best behaved in the world

Tohoku Expo to go ahead
Sending out a very positive message - The Tohoku Expo for English teachers will  be held on Oct 30

Osaka passes ordinance obliging teachers to stand, sing 'Kimigayo'
The Osaka prefectural assembly passes the first local regulation of this kind

Read the news at ELT News

Cutting edge research

Children learn languages in moments of insight
New research is helping to overturn a dominant theory

Facebook spreads emotions just like germs
Contagious emotions are being transmitted through Facebook

Kanazawa course in teaching children

If you live in Ishikawa, Fukui, Toyama.....

Sunday June 26
One-day certificate course in teaching elementary school children
Trainer: David Paul

Special ETJ seminar

Special ETJ seminar on teaching children
Tokyo - July 31
Presenters: Barbara Sakamoto, Ritsuko Nakata, Yoko Matsuka, David Paul
More information will be announced soon

ETJ-Kanagawa is restarting

If you live in Kanagawa and would like to receive information
on local meetings, please reply to this e-mail

5-Day TESOL certificate course

The Community of Friendly Filipino English Teachers is organizing
the course in Kanagawa in August.
Trainers: Paul Robertson, Rod Ellis
Click here for details

Events coming soon

unday Jun 11 - Omiya
FETJ  Terry Yearley: A revision lesson for junior and senior high school

Sunday June 19 - Chiba
ETJ  My share for teaching numbers

Sunday June 19 - Ishikawa
ETJ  Show and tell

Sunday June 19 - Tokyo
Nakasendo Conference
Alan Miesch: The power of puzzles (the whys, wherefores, and hows of
using puzzles in the EFL classroom)
11:30 - 12:10

Comprehensive list of events

OSAKA -- June 10-12 (Fri) 15:00-19:00
ACLL 2011: The Inaugural Asian Conference on Language Learning
Speaker(s): Keynote Speakers Garr Reynolds and Jill Robbins; featured speakers Deryn P. Verity, Charles Kowalski and Kevin Cleary

OSAKA -- June 10-12 (Fri) 15:00-19:00
ACTC 2011: Inaugural Asian Conference on Technology
Speaker(s): Keynote Speakers Garr Reynolds and Jill Robbins; featured speakers Bill Pellowe and Roger Palmer

OMIYA, Saitama -- June 11 (Sat) 18:00-21:00
A Revision Lesson for Junior and Senior High School
Speaker(s): Terry Yearley
Saitama FETJ

KITAKYUSHU, Fukuoka -- June 11 (Sat) 18:30-20:00
Testing times: Ensuring success
Speaker(s): Michael Philips
Kitakyushu JALT

TOKYO -- June 11 (Sat) 18:30-20:30
Writer's Night: Writing for Young Adults
Speaker(s): Suzanne Kamata and Holly Thompson

KAWASAKI, Kanagawa -- June 12 (Sun) 10:00-17:00
Changing Together! The First JALT JSH SIG Junior / Senior High School Teacher Development Workshop
Speaker(s): Takashi Miura, Gregory Paul Glasgow, Peter J. Collins, Tom Gorham and Jon Gorham, Yoichi Watari, Ben Shearon

OMIYA, Saitama -- June 12 (Sun) 14:00-17:00
Using Photocopiable Materials to Improve Speaking Fluency
Speaker(s): Terry Yearly
Omiya JALT

FUKUI -- June 18 (Sat) 10:00-12:00
Translation in English Language Teaching in Japan
Speaker(s): Yoshifumi Saito
Fukui JALT

NAGASAKI -- June 18 (Sat) 14:00-16:00
Danger Learning: Using Conflict Resolution and Mediation Techniques to Facilitate Language Learning
Speaker(s): Chris Stillwell
Nagasaki JALT

GIFU -- June 18 (Sat) 19:00-21:00
An Introduction to the Montessori Method
Speaker(s): Karen Ricks

TOKYO -- June 19 (Sun) 9:00-17:00
Nakasendo 2011: The Road Less Traveled
Speaker(s): Steven Herder, Makiko Tanaka, and others
Nakasendo English Conf.

MATSUBARA, Osaka -- June 19 (Sun) 10:30-17:30
Osaka JALT's 7th Annual Tech Day Plus at Hannan University
Speaker(s): Various speakers.
Osaka JALT

FUKUOKA -- June 19 (Sun) 13:00-15:00
Using Storyboarding in the EFL Classroom
Speaker(s): Shirley Young
Fukuoka JALT

CHIBA -- June 19 (Sun) 13:30-16:30
My Share for Teaching Numbers
Speaker(s): Various speakers
Chiba ETJ

KANAZAWA, Ishikawa -- June 19 (Sun) 14:00-16:30
ETJ Ishikawa Group Workshop Show and Tell
Speaker(s): Carla Curry and Nagwa Fekri
Ishikawa ETJ

MATSUMOTO-SHI, Nagano -- June 25 (Sat) 9:00-17:30
Cambridge ESOL Speaking Examiner training - Young Learners
Speaker(s): Jim George
Cambridge ESOL

TOKYO -- June 25 (Sat) 13:30-16:30
English Teaching Workshop and CLIL Workshop
Speaker(s): Yuco Kikuchi
English Teaching Workshop

MATSUMOTO-SHI, Nagano -- June 26 (Sun) 9:00-17:00
Cambridge ESOL examiner training - adults
Speaker(s): Jim George
Cambridge ESOL

KANAZAWA, Ishikawa -- June 26 (Sun) 10:00-17:30
One-Day Certificate Course in Teaching Children (Kanazawa)
Speaker(s): David Paul

OSAKA -- June 28 (Tue) 18:45-21:00
Purposes and Approaches to Foreign Language Education: Universalism or Particularism?
Speaker(s): Mike Byram
Framework and Language Portfolio JALT

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