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Sunday, July 17, 2011

David Paul`s Newsletter for English Teachers

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David Paul`s Newsletter for English Teachers

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Sunday July 17th

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Cutting edge research

Sleep can boost classroom performance of college students
Maybe we should let the students take naps in class!

Good communication in early years key to success at school
The first two years are very important

Collaboration and interaction are crucial to the evolution of language
A look at the historical evolution of language

Teaching workshops fail to spur learner-centered teaching
Teachers continue to use teacher-centered methods despite training

The Internet is changing our memory

We have poorer recall of answers but enhanced recall of where they are stored

Japan education news

Japan's English not good enough for global business?
Report on a British Council survey (ELT News)

Education ministry panel recommends radical changes
Hiring foreigners as regular high school teachers ... (Japan Times)

Kumon takes charge of TOEFL Junior in Japan
Kumon reaches an agreement with ETS (ELT News)

Read the news at ELT News

Special ETJ seminar

July 31 (Tokyo): ETJ special seminar in teaching children
A rare chance to see four specialists in teaching children together
Presenters: Ritsuko Nakata, Barbara Sakamoto, Yoko Matsuka, David Paul

Certificate course

Teaching conversation skills to Japanese university students
Bruno Vannieu and Jerry Talandis will be running certificate courses in teaching
conversation to Japanese university students in Osaka, Tokyo, and Fukuoka.
See full information by clicking the link.

Events coming soon

Jul 18 - Tokyo
FETJ: Everybody up! Games, chants and songs for EFL classes

Sunday Jul 24 - Nagoya
ETJ: Brain Rules and Tools for Teaching Young Learners

Sunday Jul 24 - Hiroshima
ETJ: The Internet and Your Upper-Grade Elementary School Students

Sunday Jul 24 - Sendai
ETJ: TPR Storytelling and Classical Total Physical Response (TPR)
Techniques for Japanese Adults and Younger Learners

Sunday Jul 31 - Tokyo
ETJ: Special Seminar on Teaching Children

Sunday Aug 6 - Kawasaki
ETJ: Launching of ETJ-Kanagawa