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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tired of Japan, Cheap Flight Thailand

Get a cheap flight to Thailand and Teach English in this beautiful country.

Cheap Flight Thailand, how can you get there cheaply? I bought my ticket in Chinatown in Vancouver, and it was a great ticket. I flew on Korean air. It was an open ticket that allowed me to fly to land in Nagoya, and stay for four months, then fly to Taipei and stay for two days, then fly to Bangkok and stay there for 18 days, then fly back to Tokyo and then back to Vancouver within a year. It was a one year open ticket. If you ask around at various travel agencies you can get deals like this. My ticket was 1300 dollars Canadian!

STA is a good agency for good cheap flight Thailand. Thai travel agents are very cheap but you need to ask around to make sure you get a good one. HIS and No. 1 Travel also offer discount tickets to destinations all over the world including Thailand.

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