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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Genki English Newsletter

Great Games for the New Term

Posted by: "genkienglish"   genkienglish

Thu Sep 1, 2011 12:14 am (PDT)


1. Game of the Month: Hammer Game
2. New "Uno" style card games: Days, Subjects, Colours & Shapes etc.
3. And finally....

Welcome back to the new term.

I've got some really cool new stuff for you coming up over the next few weeks. But to get your new year off to a flying start, here are my best ideas for September:


1. Game of the Month: Hammer Game

If you're teaching a new class, here are some of my top ideas:

Or if you are continuing with the same kids this is a great game to see what language the kids have forgotten over the Summer.

It's based on the UK "Mallet's Mallet" game and there's a video (along with photos) on the site at:

1. Split the class down the middle into two groups, the kids on the left are the left group and the kids on the right are the right group.
2. The left group form a single file line down the left hand side of the room.
3. The right group form a single line file down the right hand side of the room.
4. The front person from each group come and stand facing each other in front of the teacher.
5. One student says an English word (any word is OK, for example "banana")
6. The other student says another English word.
7. You keep going backwards and forwards like this until.....
8. ...if they repeat a word (i.e. one of the pair have already said it) then the person who said the repeated word gets a hit on the head and sits down in their seat. The other person, the winner, rejoins the back of their queue and will eventually get another go.
9. Similarly if they speak their own language, or pause or hesitate then they get a bash on the head and have to sit down, and their opponent gets back in line.
10. The next two people come to the front
11. Repeat from 5 ......
12. ....until all the members from one of the teams is sat down. This team is the loser and the other team is the winner!

The kids love it and it really helps to see what areas you need to concentrate on in the new term.


2. New "Uno" style card games: Days, Subjects, Colours & Shapes

Over the summer we also had some great new "The one" card games. They're similar to the (incredibly popular) Uno card game, and they allow you to mix together two sets of lessons into longer sentences. This makes them a great review for the first few weeks in September - just in case the kids have forgotten their English!

You can find them all here:


3. And finally

I haven't actually had a Summer Holiday yet as I've been working on some really cool new stuff for you, which hopefully I'll get on the blog in the coming days and weeks! Keep an eye out!

Be genki,