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Friday, August 19, 2011

Some JETS being posted withing 80kms of Nuclear Disaster!!!

A LEADING Japanese recruiter of teachers from Australia is placing recruits closer to leaky nuclear reactors than recommended by Canberra's radiation safety agency. 
The move by the Japanese Government-sponsored JET program reflects the gulf between what Japanese and other nations' authorities constitute a safe distance from nuclear reactors.
The reactors in Japan's northern Fukushima area were in March damaged by a massive tsunami, which triggered the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

JET is mostly known for recruiting native English-speaking teachers for Japanese schools. It maintains no teacher will be placed in an area the Japanese Government deems "unsafe".
Teachers will be placed no closer than 30km to the disaster-struck nuclear reactors at Fukushima, in line with Japanese safety guidelines. No teachers will be placed in areas "under watch for possible evacuation", JET says in an explanation document.

The program confirmed to The Courier-Mail that 31 new JET participants from English-speaking nations were offered placements within 80km of the nuclear plants. Three who took up the offer were Australians, JET said.

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