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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Labor issues

"An article in The Japan Times noted the deplorable working conditions of GEOS staff. In 1999, the company was taken to court by fourteen of its managers over unpaid overtime. At the time of the case, the main plaintiff said that she was working a 72-hour week under constant unmanageable pressure to increase sales at her school. Even though the managers won their suit, costing GEOS 300 million yen in unpaid overtime, the media mostly overlooked the case. In the same article, managers noted high staff-turnover and long working hours. However, a spokeswoman for the company insisted that GEOS, and the language learning industry as a whole, provided women with rare opportunities to begin business careers.[6]"--from Wikipedia

My wife works overtime unpaid at least three hours a day and
this is at a public junior high school in Japan.

No the lousy working conditions in Japan are not only at GEOS, they are across the spectrum,
in all industries and professions.

This country is crazy when it comes to work, and we have a high suicide rate to show for all
of this stress.