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Monday, January 31, 2011


ECC, a large chain of English Schools in Japan

When I taught for ECC, they watched you by camera in each classroom.  It was like being in
1984, the story by George Orwell.    I think they have done away with the cameras.
I was paid 276-279,000 as a first year teacher but that salary is now, 252,000/Month.

It is still a good school to start with however.

On This SchoolAs said, I worked for them myself and so have some friends. It could be a pretty cold place to work at and they don`t seem to like teachers staying longer than a few years. That is my impression based on the stories of good friends and my experience of working there.

What I really mean is Head Office like many head offices could be cold. If you had a good manager and good colleagues though, teaching at ECC could be a lot of fun, and often was for me.

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