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Monday, January 10, 2011

ESL Dialogues

ESL Dialogues - A Couple of Opinions on our Profession

I think in a way it is a shame that in the EFL/ESL teaching profession we do not have more respect for the experience of teachers.

Our impressions do matter. Just because they are not a scientific study is beside the point. A teacher with many years of experience, does have something to teach us, and does have valuable knowledge to share.

I really despise the style of academic writing where we are forced to quote Nunan, Richards, McDonough et al to back up what we know to be true from our own experience, - in order to be published in peer reviewed journals.

I suppose you can simply label me as a rebel who just does not want to play that game. But do me the courtesy of hearing me out.

Teaching English is not a science though I do agree that it can be studied scientifically to some extent. I am not saying that the studies done by the above people and others are not valuable. They are.                 Read More