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Saturday, March 19, 2011

In the Aftermath of the Disaster

An official associated with the Jet program, who spoke on condition of anonymity
revealed the following story:

"What are you gonna do to get us out!"   The JET teacher in southern Honshu, shouted into the phone reciever.

The Claire (Jet Program) representative tried to remain calm though he wanted to
punch the gentleman from southern Honshu right in the mouth.   

This JET teacher down south had obviously become paranoid by the news reports from abroad.
His particular southern Honshu town was in no danger from a tsunami or the recent earthquake.
And far outside the 80km evacuation zone set up by the Canadian and US government especially
and the 30km limit set up by Japan.

The Claire representative had a very good friend that was caught in Sendai.   So felt this
particular gentleman in the south selfish.    Fortunately the Claire representatives friend managed to survive.  

Unfortunately we have all been victimized by the media.    It was pointed out by a reader,
that the media poses as a caring medium, while doing its best to spread panic and sell

The Claire representative kept it together.  Didn`t slam down the phone, and calmly explained
why Claire would not be getting this particular teacher "out of Japan now!"    There was no
danger to him.

The danger though tremendous, was isolated up north, in spite of sensationalized, Fox News reports to the contrary.    Though Fox News was not alone in the hype.   CNN and others
are guilty as charged.    Fox just happens to be this scribe`s most hated news outlet.

In future it is probably best to try to get your news from many different sources.