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Monday, January 10, 2011

ESL Practice

ESL Practice

ESL Lesson Plans -- ESL Communication Circles
When you teach in Japan, you need a well honed ESL lesson plans for each class. Each class is different, but Thomas C. Anderson discusses a great activity, that works for most if not all English classes in Japan.
by Thomas C. Anderson

ESL Lesson Plans -- What do students talk about with their partners?
Anything and everything! I have had students talk about such varied topics as sumo, tamagochi, cell phones, friends, dating, and even their Oral English instructor! Students can be given topics by the teacher or can be put into small groups who are told to brainstorm and choose a topic. They then write it on the blackboard and three topics are chosen by the class from the list. Towards the end of the term I sometimes give the students a free topic (meaning they can talk about whatever they want).

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