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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Genki English Newsletter

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Japan Disaster Relief Sale Till Friday: Every Penny Goes to Japan Re

Posted by: "genkienglish"   genkienglish

Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:45 pm (PDT)

Genki English Newsletter April 2011 I'm sure you have all read the news reports and seen the TV pictures from Japan. Luckily I was on the other side of the country when it struck and both myself and the Genki English are all fine. Over on the Genki English blog we have collected over 100 messages to Japan <\ for-me> from teachers around the world and my post about the irresponsible English language media incredibly even led to me being quoted in the Wall Street Journal this weekend. Now it's time to really ramp things up …. I still want to do more, so I'm trying something new. I haven't done this before so I'm a little nervous, but let's see how we go… I'm sure you also want to help the thousands of people whose lives were devastated by the tsunami. That was the real horror story here. So for the next 5 (now 3 as we started Monday!) days, until Friday 25th March. If you buy the Teacher's Set Download Pack <> ( ) , you'll get a *HUGE* $10 discount. Eh, Only $10? There's a reason! It's because every penny of the money you pay for the pack <> I'm going to donate to the Red Cross & the tsunami relief effort. All of it. The $10 off is just a "bribe" for you to act now, I really want to give as much as possible. I NEVER discount the pack, and in fact it is going UP in price soon. If you've been on the fence about buying the Genki English Download Pack <> . Now's the time to buy! <> You get the discount, your kids get the best lessons they've ever had and the kids in Japan get the money. I'll cover the fees… Now to tell the truth there are credit card payment fees, server fees and lots of other stuff like that. But I'm going to cover all those myself. Every penny you pay gets sent to the Japanese Red Cross. Why? As I wrote before, there was no panic but there are huge areas of the country where towns, villages, schools, houses and homes have been washed away. The nuclear threat was media made, but the devastation of the tsunami is very real. And although we see the devastation on TV there isn't that much really we can do sat here where we are. I usually believe that using our own skills, abilities and talents is better than simply cash donations at times like this. I've put my blood, sweat and tears over 12 years into making the Download Pack <> and it is my primary product, the biggest source of income I have and probably, if not THE, best English teaching system in the world. So that is what I am giving as my donation. I will do more in the future, but for now, I'm hoping this is enough. They made it … [268] A lot of kids are without anything where the tsunami hit. But you know it's because of a lot of those kids that we all have Genki English today, the songs, the games, the picture cards. I really mean it when I say most of the ideas for the lessons come from kids, and a lot of those ideas came from the kids when I was touring it what are now the tsunami areas. Some of the kids you see in pictures on the site they are right in the middle of all this. So it only seems right to give them all the money from the sales. You stingy beggar – only till Friday! Bear with me – there is a reason! It's because I know that if I offer it for a month people will go "Oh, that's nice" but then get busy and not act on it. So I'm keeping the time short. VERY short. You'll only get the discount and the donation till Friday March 25th Midnight Japan time. I'm hoping we'll sell a LOT. It's priced in dollars so we should meet five figures. Six figures would be totally amazing – it's a goal for us all to try and meet! Plus First 50 Get an extra special bonus Plus to make it even better for you, for the first 50 people who order from right now will get the Hip Hop Advanced Genki English Download Pack included for free. All the cool Hip Hop songs that you've seen work magic on Margit's kids last month, the mp3s, the grammar worksheets, the games, the works. Everything. You get for free. Again I've never offered these together, it is an amazing gift. The 50 is counting from when the offer went live, so there are only a few of these left. They may even be sold out by the time you read this. so get your order in now. <> Why not the CD packs? This offer is only for the Download Pack <> . With the CD packs too much money is wasted on pressing, printing, packaging and postage. With the download pack, and if I cover all the expenses, then every single penny gets to where it needs to be. Plus the Download Pack <> uses less fuel and uses less energy. I think everything in Japan this week has shown us how important reducing energy is. This is the most economical, the most ecological way to get the best education for your kids, and hopefully a little light to the kids in Japan. If you already have All the Genki English volumes…. I have a special request for you. Please in the blog comments write up some words about how the Genki English pack has changed your classes People only buy things if they see how much they are helping others. If they see what a good investment it is and how it can transform their classes they'll want to buy it more. Has it made your kids happier? Or more eager to learn? Has it cut down on your preparation? Or brought you more students? Has it made your students happier? Or improved their English? Put it in your words and let the teachers who are on the fence see what an amazing way of teaching this is. Please don't buy the pack again (I know you want to!) It's much more efficient to simply donate the money yourselves. And of course write up in the comments below.\ -all-the-money-goes-to-help-japan <\ k-all-the-money-goes-to-help-japan> But If you already have a FEW Genki English CDs…. Get it now! <> . Treat it as a free/paid upgrade – you'll have all ten volumes and super easy to use menu – and all the money is your donation to charity. More bonuses and bribes to come …. I want to give you more. Keep an eye on the blog, I'm polishing up a few more bribes and bonuses to give to you for buying this week. Everyone who buys will get them all so get your order in now <> . In fact the more we sell the more motivated I'm going to be to come up with extra bonuses for you all! How can I trust all the money will get there? It looks like the Red Cross is the best place to donate the money. All the sports stars, pop stars and large organisations in Japan seem to be going through them. (If you have other suggestions then please put them in the comments.) Usually I donate directly to governments or educational charities, but this time I guessed you would all prefer somewhere that is internationally recognized. I'm doing this for a reason, because I want to and because it is what I think we should all do. I pretty sure this is the best way. Finally … Even if you don't care about Japan, then still buy the pack now <> . There's a reason it is used in thousands of schools around the world and featured in countless press and TV articles. It works. It brings energy and life to your classes and makes your students, and their parents, learn more than you could imagine and keeps them begging you for more. If you need an instant boost of energy in your English lessons right now, then this is the program for you! Details are here <> and here is the direct link to buy it now. <> Today is your chance to get it for a bargain price and help the people of Japan. But only for the next few days. If you have questions please let me know and please tell everyone you know about the offer! Let's make a huge difference together! Be genki, Richard P.S. The servers are going to be under a lot of strain and all the email support I will be doing myself. Everything *should* run 100% smoothly but it might take a little time for me to reply to messages. Let's see how much we can raise, tell your Facebook and Twitter friends and let's buy the best English system in the world now! <> <>