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Friday, January 26, 2007

On the Big English School Chains in Japan

"The first group would have to be the eikaiwa [English conversation] chains: Geos, Aeon [pronounced Eon, trust me], Nova, and ECC. These schools recruit in North America frequently and will take anyone with a college degree..."--Peter Payne

"In the past, I've stated that I didn't like these English conversation school chains for various reasons, including, but not limited to, a) the lack of professional awareness of one's self as an educator, b) the lack of vacation time, and a potential high number of "on" hours (teaching up to seven hours of your workday, with only an hour for preparation), and c) overall, I think the chance that you'll have a bad "Japan Experience" is higher than at some other types of teaching jobs. Over time, I've come to reconsider some of my bad feelings about the schools. Sure, they are commodity operations, and if you work at one of them the manager of your school will do his best to fill your hours with productive (for him) teaching hours, and by and large, these schools do have a high teacher turnover rate. But still, the fact remains that Eikaiwa chain teaching jobs might be the only job available to you if you have no training, experience or connections; and working for a year at one of the chain schools is potentially a good way to get some experience while you learn about Japan."--Peter Payne

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

British Hills in Fukushima Prefecture

Pictured: British Hills School in Fukushima Prefecture

I had heard about British Hills from a student of mine. She had attended classes there twice in the past and raved about it. She said it was like studying in the
English countryside. Yet it is located in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

"British Hills resembles a small British countryside village complete with castle, British style guesthouses, English speakers, country gardens and surroundings. Even the weather seems British! You are accommodated in luxury style fully furnished and serviced guesthouses. Similar to Bed and Breakfast cottages in England. There are between 20 and 30 apartments in each of the 8 guesthouses depending on the size of the house and of course the apartment. Each rooms can sleep between one and four guests. Every guesthouse has its own large luxurious lounge which is suitable for conference for up to 40 people; however it is also private and cosy enough for 1 or 2 people. All interiors are of a typical British Victorian style complete with imported fabrics and heavy well crafted wood and steel furniture. The main classroom and conference facilities, reception, main dining hall, library, indoor sporting and relaxation facilities and Chapel, are housed in the main castle-like Manor House. Also on the premises are the Craft House, the real English Pub, The Souvenir Shop and staff accommodation, external sporting facilities and the nature trail."--from the British Hills website

"Accommodation: "20,000 a month plus utilities, basic furnishings." Paid
holidays, completion bonus, health insurance, six weeks unpaid holidays, company
car for travel to and from work, and 50,000 social insurance allowance."--from a
British Hills employment ad

Contact Heather Kompa. British Hills. 1-8 Aza Shibakusa, Oaza
Tarao, Tenei Mura, Iwase Gun, Fukushima 962-0622.

"Full-time, 40 working hours/week, 5 days/week, 8 hours/day. 300,000yen/month.
Teach English and British Culture to students from elementary to college
students, and adults. "We teach students a variety of classes that fit into the
following categories: English, Travel English, Cultural, Art and Craft, Activity
based classes, Elementary classes, Business and Adults, as well as courses
tailored to specific company or school needs." Teaching location Tenei Mura in
Hatori Kogen. The nearest train station is Shin-Shirakawa."--from a British Hills
employment ad

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Myer Japan English school in Fukuoka

"I have been working for this school for three and a half years and have never had a real reason to quit or be angry. Of course there have been minor tiffs that one can expect to find at any job anywhere in the world, but nothing like the posts I see here about most schools.

I have 100% control over my classes and 100% control over the way I wish to teach them. All of my students are great and willing to learn. There was an instance in the past where one student was acting horrible and disrupting the class. I talked it over with my boss and we asked the student to leave our school. That, I believe, is a true testament to how good of a school Myer Japan is."--Scott Brady, posted this at the
ESL Teachers Board

Here is Myer Japan`s Homepage so you can check it out yourself.

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