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Monday, August 17, 2009

English Schools in Japan List

Pictured: Asakusa in Tokyo

This list has been updated! Check it out at the following link:

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TEFL Jobs Asia

I would like to take a few moments of your time and invite you to visit our brand new website: – Asia’s premier TEFL website operating under the dot Asia domain.

We are a newly formed company with over 16 years TEFL experience within the Far East.

We focus on positions in Cambodia / China / Indonesia / Japan / South Korea

Thailand / Taiwan / Vietnam and will be expanding to include more countries in the Asia-Pacific region soon.

At present we are receiving large numbers of visitors from potential job seekers.

We provide a clean and easy to navigate TEFL website with the following,

* Job adverts
* Banner adverts
* Visa information
* Accommodation information

Our prices are extremely competitive with some great discounts for long term adverts.

It is currently free to add a job to our site. Please go to our post a job tab.

(Note – 1 job per company every 2 weeks permitted.)

Why not visit us today to request our banner advert prices, introduce your school, company or add a link.

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The House that Dave Built

The Future of David English House

by David Paul

David English House would like to continue and expand our support of English teachers and schools in Japan. We would like to work with individual teachers, particularly those who have self-developed teaching materials, and with other companies in order to make this possible.

We have decided to separate David English House into two companies. The current company will continue to take care of our Hiroshima schools. The new company will be 'David English House - Professional Development' and will take care of the following:

* distance learning
* teacher training
* book sales and marketing
* The ETJ central office and events such as the Expos
* new projects that support teachers in Japan.

We are looking for small amounts of sponsorship for this new company

Basic sponsorship
* for individuals who would like to make it possible for David English House to continue to support teachers
* for teachers or small companies who have self-developed materials or services that they would like to market to teachers/schools around Japan using David English House's marketing routes.

Company sponsorship
* for companies that would like to work in partnership with David English House and gain effective ways to market materials or services to teachers.

All sponsors would receive shares in the new company and gain effective ways to promote materials and services to English teachers in Japan.

How to get more information

If you are interested in having more information on the benefits of sponsorship and on how the new company will be run, please just reply to this e-mail. I will send you a power point slide show that outlines the plan.

I very much hope we will be able to move forward positively in support of English education in Japan.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Results of Japan Living`s Poll on Teaching English in Japan

Japan Living`s Poll on Teaching English in Japan

This poll was from a few years ago. However, I don`t imagine
things have changed so much, even with the Nova fracas a while back.

What`s your opinion about working for English schools here?

What is or was your experience working for English schools in Japan?


Positive 33.33%

Mostly Positive 28.57%

Average 14.29%

Below Average 19.05%

Poor 4.76%

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Quote on Cyber Bullying

Aldwinkel was referring to the Mainichi`s cancellation of the Wai Wai column
due to anonymous pressure from posters presumably at forums. But I thought
this quote was apt for a number of situations on the internet:

"You have the right to know your accuser."

"I find this form of bullying disgusting, and the Mainichi’s caving in appallingly irresponsible. When are people going to learn that Internet bullying is not a fair fight, and ignore people who won’t make themselves public in the media and open themselves up to the same scrutiny they demand other media? You have the right to know your accuser. Those who won’t reveal their identity should be justly ignored themselves."

--Dave Aldwinkle

Aldwinkle knows first hand what it is like to be the victim of internet bullying
and libel. He was libelled at a famous forum in Japan that allows anonymous posting.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Yokohama schools to use Controversial History Text

Schools in Yokohama will be using “nationalistic” history textbooks:

The textbook was mainly authored by a group of nationalistic scholars called the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform, popularly known as Tsukurukai.

It is published by Tokyo publishing house Jiyusha.

The book has drawn international criticism chiefly from China and South Korea for allegedly playing down Japan’s militarist past and justifying its wartime role.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

EFL News

David English House--the Supporter of English Teachers in Japan

Makes an announcement about changing things with this esteemed company
and David Paul states that he is looking for partners to invest in this new

Read this and other news by clicking the link below.

The Latest EFL News from Japan

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How Do I Become An English Teacher

by: Tom White

A commonly sighted long term goal for those with a passion for the English language and a love of culture and travel is to become an English teacher to non-native speakers. What's more, there is a constant demand for English as a language to be both spoken and written, and for this reason it is becoming increasingly easy to become a teacher of English as a foreign language.

Gaining The Qualifications

Teaching English in non-English speaking countries requires some form of qualification, although the requirements are far less arduous than those of English teachers in English-speaking countries. It is important to have a TEFL qualification to stand you in good stead when teaching English abroad. On top of that, it may also be a good idea that you ensure you have a good grasp of the fundamentals of sentence structure and grammar, and that you are able to express these concepts verbally to your students. On a personal level, becoming an English teacher requires patience and dedication, as well as a little knowledge of the native languages you'll be dealing with on a daily basis.

Finding a Career

Teaching English will always be in demand, and there might not even be any need to move home to find a career. Due to immigration, particularly in University towns or in places where employment is provided on an international level, you may find that there is a demand for English language skills in your own home-town. Alternatively, many European countries are finding increasing markets for English tuition with the expansion of the European Union allowing for increased integration of various nationalities within English-speaking cultures. When looking to establish yourself as an English teacher, you generally have two options. The first is to consider setting up a business on your own or with a partner to provide one-on-one tuition as required. Obviously, this requires a whole host of other management and budgeting skills on top of your actual qualifications, so it's important to bear that in mind if you see this as a viable option. Alternatively there are numerous high-profile international language schools constantly on the look-out for those eager to pursue a career in teaching English. It may be a prudent idea, particularly from a financial viewpoint, to look for a job first before leaping out into the world of business. This will also help you build up a level of experience of the industry whilst allowing you to refine your techniques, which will ultimately present you with the best chance in your standalone business enterprise.

Becoming an English teacher may seem a glamorous career with plenty prospects for promotion and success. By proceeding through the proper channels and learning your trade, you can eventually find yourself teaching English on a full time basis, leaving you with a fulfilling and satisfying career for the long term. for more information please visit,

About The Author
Tom White writes articles for teaching English abroad. He also gives valuable information about teaching english as a foreign language , TEFL courses, TEFL jobs are accessible on the internet.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Teaching English abroad and becoming a qualified esl teacher

Posted by Thailanddelights

Hundreds of millions of people all over the globe want and need to learn English. The only way they can get real experience of English speakers is if you go out and speak to them. So, if you can speak English then you can be an English teacher. This means that you can travel overseas and find paid teaching work pretty much anywhere around the world.

What are TEFL England courses?

The TEFL England course aims to give you the tools, theory and methodology and more importantly, the confidence to do this.

How you learn is up to you. Some prefer to do this on a classroom-based course over one weekend, others prefer to take on the theory and method with online learning, many though, do both.

We host courses throughout England, so you will be able to find a course date and location to suit you.

Can I take a TEFL course?

Anyone who can speak English is eligible. You don't have to be a professor in English, you don't need experience or qualifications, you just need enthusiasm. In our experience, you don't need to be an out-going performer to teach English in the classroom, you simply need the skills to know what to do when you first step into your first lesson.

How can I find work?

The TEFL England certificate will find you paid teaching work in pretty much any country worldwide, such is the demand for learning English. Some TEFL graduates are teaching English right here in England.

On the course, you'll get lots of help about how to apply for work, and as a TEFL England customer, you'll be entitled to call us anytime for jobs advice.

The most difficult step you need to take is to decide where you want to go!

This article is free for republishing

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Latest Job Postings in Japan

Are you thinking of teaching in Japan? Read the latest job postings from
the major and minor schools in Japan.

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