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Friday, July 29, 2011




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Japan’s Independent Network of English Schools - ジネス

Japan’s Independent Network of English Schools - ジネス

E-mail Newsletter - July, 2011
Concert to help rebuild schools after Earthquake.
Now here is an interesting and worthwhile idea.

On August 27th, in one of the most beautiful islands in Japan, Okinawa, there will be the ECOLIVE Charity Event 2011.
This event is to raise enough money to assist with the building of a new pre-fabricated school in Iwate, an area severely damaged after the March 11 earthquake.
With a unique and alternative theme ECOLIVE Japan will be completely supported by a combination of solar, wind, and bio diesel fuel to bring loud, constant, and crystal clear sound and lighting throughout the concert.

For more information on this unique even please the ECOLIVE Japan website at:

Here you can also make donations towards this charity event.
So many thanks to our network member Kevin Palmer who sent along the details of this fund raising concert and we all hope it goes well.

The U.S.A. Drops the pen from schools
This has been one of the most interesting developments I have seen this year.
According to the Australian Newspaper the following will be happening;
About 40 states in the US have adopted the national curriculum, known as the Common Core State Standards, which dumps mandatory teaching of longhand and leaves it to schools to decide whether to teach handwriting.
In its place they will be required to teach keyboard skills.
This is an interesting move and one which has a more unusual stance here in Japan. For in Junior High School here they still learn cursive writing as well as the standard printing of of the alphabet.
Who knows, but maybe in 20 years time Japanese kids will write English better than kids of the same age from the USA.

New look front page for Jines
With the steady increase in traffic through the Jines website we felt it was well overdue for a small facelift and this week the first changes have been made.
There is more information for potential students to look at and we have provided specialised fields for ESL information gathering.
Along with all of this we have also added extra information into the School Owners section with listings of all the international schools on the Jines iPhone app.
And lastly, due to the number of job requests we receive we have added a direct link to So if you are looking for work in Japan this is a good place to start.
We hope you find this new look useful.

Education news from News On Japan
Fund set up to repair music instruments at disaster-hit schools+.  (Breitbart)

JET’s fresh from the U.S. Ready to help.  (The Japan Times)

Todai plans English-only course.  (The Japan Times)

First term ends in disaster hit areas.  (The Daily Yomiuri)

English teachers sent abroad. (The Japan Times)

Panel targets English language proficiency.  (The Japan Times)

Foreign students back but numbers look likely to fall. (The Japan Times)

International and Higher Education news
Cap on government funded students in Britain. (The Australian)

The top 100 university rankings for Social Sciences. (The Guardian Online)

More grad students eyeing the U.S. (Inside Higher Ed)

Digital textbooks and the future. (Newsweek)

All about Jines

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011



by Cheema Beckham

もし家から子供を外に連れていくための学校がなかったら、精神病院は母親で一杯になってしまうでしょう。 Edgar W. Howe

子供を持つご両親、特に母親は、子供さんのことで悩むことが多いものです。 私自身父親になり、子供がどうすれば機嫌よく遊んでくれるのかを教えるのがどれだけ難しいか 分かるようになりました。残念ながら、子供はほとんど遊びムードです。 ESL(第2言語としての英語)の英語を子供に教えることになったときも、話が異なることはありません。  Read More


Sunday, July 17, 2011

David Paul`s Newsletter for English Teachers

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David Paul`s Newsletter for English Teachers

Language Teaching Professionals

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E-mail Newsletter
Sunday July 17th

New Facebook page

Language Teaching Professionals now has a Facebook page

Please support our efforts to help the professional development of English teachers.
It would help LTP and ETJ a lot if you could click here, and 'like' the page.

Cutting edge research

Sleep can boost classroom performance of college students
Maybe we should let the students take naps in class!

Good communication in early years key to success at school
The first two years are very important

Collaboration and interaction are crucial to the evolution of language
A look at the historical evolution of language

Teaching workshops fail to spur learner-centered teaching
Teachers continue to use teacher-centered methods despite training

The Internet is changing our memory

We have poorer recall of answers but enhanced recall of where they are stored

Japan education news

Japan's English not good enough for global business?
Report on a British Council survey (ELT News)

Education ministry panel recommends radical changes
Hiring foreigners as regular high school teachers ... (Japan Times)

Kumon takes charge of TOEFL Junior in Japan
Kumon reaches an agreement with ETS (ELT News)

Read the news at ELT News

Special ETJ seminar

July 31 (Tokyo): ETJ special seminar in teaching children
A rare chance to see four specialists in teaching children together
Presenters: Ritsuko Nakata, Barbara Sakamoto, Yoko Matsuka, David Paul

Certificate course

Teaching conversation skills to Japanese university students
Bruno Vannieu and Jerry Talandis will be running certificate courses in teaching
conversation to Japanese university students in Osaka, Tokyo, and Fukuoka.
See full information by clicking the link.

Events coming soon

Jul 18 - Tokyo
FETJ: Everybody up! Games, chants and songs for EFL classes

Sunday Jul 24 - Nagoya
ETJ: Brain Rules and Tools for Teaching Young Learners

Sunday Jul 24 - Hiroshima
ETJ: The Internet and Your Upper-Grade Elementary School Students

Sunday Jul 24 - Sendai
ETJ: TPR Storytelling and Classical Total Physical Response (TPR)
Techniques for Japanese Adults and Younger Learners

Sunday Jul 31 - Tokyo
ETJ: Special Seminar on Teaching Children

Sunday Aug 6 - Kawasaki
ETJ: Launching of ETJ-Kanagawa


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special ETJ seminar on teaching children

Special ETJ seminar on teaching children


Where can you find all these Presenters in one place????

Ritsuko Nakata, Barbara Sakamoto, Yoko Matsuka, David Paul

 The ETJ Seminar on teaching children!

   A rare chance to see these four specialists in teaching children at one event.


Ritsuko Nakata

   Let's motivate and get students talking.

Barbara Sakamoto

   Let's teach reading!

Yoko Matsuka

   Using different assessment styles.

David Paul

   Child-centered learning.

Roundtable discussion

   All four presenters will discuss questions from teachers attending the seminar.


Tokyo Kasei University

   Building number 16. Room 1B
   Click for a map
   (walk from JR Jujo station)

Seminar fee:
   ETJ members: ¥2,000
   Non-members: ¥3,000
There is no fee for joining ETJ. Click here to join.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

What English sounds like to foreign ears

We’ve all heard examples of fake Chinese or German from speakers who lack familiarity with either language. While typically cringe-worthy, these examples do raise interesting questions regarding our own language. What does English sound like to non-English speakers? After more than 40 years, Adriano Celentano’s “Prisencolinensinainciusol” remains one of the most illuminating examples. Prepare to rock out and sorta kinda rap with an Italian comedian:
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

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How to teach English in Japan

Thanks to you spreading the word to your colleagues and friends, we are now getting over
1,000 readers per day!!!!   Thank you for your ideas, your posts and articles, your job offers and posting your resumes.    It all helps to make our site interesting and a conduit of information about teaching English in Japan.

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Teaching Workshops fail to spur Learner Centered Teaching

Professional development workshops for college teachers, designed to encourage the use of active, "learner-centered" teaching methods, may be less effective than the participants believe, according to research reported in the July issue of BioScience. Diane Ebert-May of Michigan State University and her colleagues studied the teaching of participants in two such established programs for faculty teaching introductory biology courses.  Read More

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Panel targets English proficiency

Panel targets English proficiency

An education ministry panel proposed Wednesday that local governments hire 600 foreigners and Japanese with excellent English-language skills nationwide as regular school teachers by the end of fiscal 2016 to enhance students' English-language proficiency.

The 12-member panel suggested the state and local boards of education double the number of 18-year-old students who have studied or stayed abroad to around 30,000.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have Some Class!

Schools that say that teachers are important need to put their money where their mouth is.

If you say that teachers are number one with us, then offer 1800 per hour to teach, there is some kind of disconnect going on.     Then you will find your school has been removed from the Greenlist.

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Japan vs The West

What are the differences between Japanese and Western  Education?

Japan  has been one of the most successful nations on earth.      So have most  of the Western countries.    By many measures, Japan and the Western  nations are world leaders.

What then are some of the positives and negatives of their  respective educational systems?

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Cutting Edge Research

 by David Paul

Researchers discovered that although social background has a noticeable effect on a child’s readiness for school, what parents do with their children, even before they begin to talk, is actually much more important.

Children who were taken to the library more often and owned more books at two-years-old achieved higher scores on the school assessment tests when they began primary school.

The research also showed that attending pre-school and having parents who taught them a wide range of activities had a positive effect – whereas extended exposure to television lowered their scores.

The Role of Language in Children’s Early Educational Outcomes report (published today – 30 June 2011) looks at how a child’s very early environment – before their second birthday – influences their language and school performance.   Read More

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Language Teaching Professionals

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Empowering Learners and Teachers

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ETJ Special Seminar on Teaching Children Sunday 31st July

Hi everyone,
the information on ELT Calendar
now includes this link to preregistration
Please preregister in order to get your certificate.
Please also note that ETJ Tokyo will be holding workshops on cooperative learning on Sunday 11th September, and Sunday 11th December.
Terry Yearley
ETJ Tokyo


Radiation Levels in Japan

The Situation in Japan continues to be carefully monitored by 
various regulatory agencies both domestic and international. 
Radiation Levels continue to decrease. For more specific updates
please check: