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Thursday, August 19, 2010

ETJ English Language Teaching Expos

ETJ English Language Teaching Expos

Bringing together All English teachers

Tohoku Expo (Sendai)
Sunday October 3

Aichi Expo (Nagoya)
Sunday October 10

Chugoku Expo (Hiroshima)
Sunday October 24

Tokyo Expo
Tokyo English Language Teaching Book Fair
Saturday/Sunday November 6/7

Kansai Expo (Osaka)
Sunday November 28

Kyushu Expo (Fukuoka)
Sunday December 5


Would you like to give a presentation at one of the Expos?

There are many presentations at each Expo. Some are by famous
writers or academics, and many are by local teachers.
Each presentation is 45 mins.

If you would like to give a presentation, please submit the following in reply to this e-mail:

Name of presenter
Title of presentation
Presentation outline (max 50 words)
Information on the presenter (max 30 words)
Types of teachers aimed at (e.g. university teachers)
Topic area: (e.g. reading)
Please also state if a presentation is in Japanese.
Please state any commercial connection you have which might be relevant*

Local teachers who have no relevant commercial connection are very welcome to give a presentation free of charge. The ETJ group organising each Expo will decide on which presentations to accept.

* Those with a relevant commercial connection need to reserve a display at the Expo.


Would you like to have a display?

Please reply to this e-mail saying what type of display you are interested in, and you will be sent more information. There are three types of displays:

Commercial displays
The fee varies according to the size of the display and the number of Expos attended.

Displays for individuals or small companies
There are cheap one-table displays available at all Expos.

Free displays
For charities, associations for teachers, unions, support groups for foreigners in Japan.....

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