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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lexxica wins Awards

Tokyo based venture, Lexxica, enters real life Dragon's Den and slays the competition

The G-Startup venture business competition was held on Wednesday April 27 in Beijing as part of the 2011 Global Mobile Internet Conference. The competition provides a big stage for small start ups to garner international media attention at the popular Global Mobile Internet Conference, which, for the first time ever was held in Beijing this year. Thousands of venture capitalists, telcom execs, and members of the international press watched in awe as 20 feisty entrepreneurs armed with little more than big ideas battled it out for fame and precious capital in a grueling question and answer session with five top venture fund managers from Silicon Valley, Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing.

When the dust cleared, one venture was left standing - Word Engine powered by Lexxica. Word Engine provides special purpose vocabulary knowledge testing and training solutions to schools, universities, textbook publishers and e-learning content providers. "The deals we have in trials with distributors in China now are worth at least $5 million to us this year and potentially $50 million each year thereafter," reports Guy Cihi, CEO and co-founder of Lexxcia. "After a long 'beta' testing period involving thousands of students and hundreds of universities, we are ready and confident to do business with distribution partners on a global scale," he beamed.

The judges agreed and Lexxica took top honors by besting 9 very sharp competitors hailing from all parts of the world.

See the Word Engine for Japan here:
See the Word Engine for China here:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to teach ESL

Youth is the time to learn and a time to explore. Everyone would agree with me if I say that youth is the best time to learn. Learning is easy and the receptors of young boys and girls work at full potential. With the passage of time, these receptors start deteriorating and the intake of a person decreases considerably.

At the same it is also easier to teach anything to young people more so than preschoolers, toddlers or old men and women. Youth is a time of being inquisitive and curious.

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George Carlin - The American Dream

George Carlin on the American Dream, but in a way he could be talking about the job offerings for English teachers in Japan. We will give you a shitty job and you are gonna like it. What happened to English schools paying decent pay for decent work?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Future of Education in Japan and abroad

(Pictured a White Heron in Japan, photo by Richard Baladad)

The Future of Education in Japan and abroad

I was inspired by Sir Ken Robinson`s first talk on, as well as reading about schools like Summerhill in England, and sharing my ideas with like-minded teachers.

I was a very creative, but bored student throughout school. My IQ tested high, my teachers liked to tell me, but I found what we were forced to learn, was often unpalatable. I wanted to do my own projects. Read More


Friday, April 22, 2011

Find students for free in Japan

TEFL Franchise - Tired of working for the Bossman?

How to get your own English Students in Japan

by Kevin R. Burns

I was tired of working for others so started my own English school in Japan. Maybe you have ambitions like this too?

You don`t need to start a full-fledged school like I did. But imagine being able to pay off your rent every month, take your sweetie out for nice dinners whenever you want, and be able to bank a lot of cash, all by working a little bit more each week. Read More


A-Z is an awesome site for your students!

A-Z is an awesome site for your students!

Offers free printable worksheets can be used for elemenatary education and home
school curriculum.

Common sense practice worksheets can seem hard to find. Ours are generally easy
to find using our two left navigation columns. Use the left nav for elementary
education subjects and our extra column to go to sub-topics. Our search boxes
are very handy for finding such as printable Math sheets.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Vocabulary Notebook

Some of our best articles ever!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(SICSS 2011) 17-20 August 2011- Shanghai, China‏

We are grateful for your support. Up to date, SICSS has received over 520 papers/abstracts submissions which are sending to invited reviewers. As requested by many scholars particular from scholars in Japan in recent days, the executive committee in yesterday meeting has decided to extend the submission due date to 15 April 2011 (Friday).

For the submissions before March 15, the acceptance/reject results will be sent to each author on April 15. For the submissions during March 16 - April 15, the papers/abstracts will be reviewed on rolling review. Usually, it takes 3-4 weeks for reviewing full papers, while it takes 1-2 weeks for reviewing abstracts. Notably, only full papers will be considered competitive papers for possibly being published in Journals.

Should you have any inquiries related to SICSS 2011, please contact the secretariat of Higher Education Forum.
Important Dates:
‧ Deadline for Submission of the Abstract: April 15.2011
‧ Date for Notification of Acceptance / Rejection: April 15, 2011
‧ Final Manuscript Due: May 15, 2011
(1)Management Research Review (ISSN ; 2040-8269)
Communication of emergent international management research
(2)Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence (ISSN ; 1798-0461)
(3)Antiqua (eISSN 2038-9604) published by PAGEPress, Pavia, Italy (ISSN ; 2038-9604)

Business Administration、Business Ethics、International Enterprise、Human resources Strategic Marketing、Logistics、Supply Chain、Organizational Behavior、E-commerce Information Management、Restate Management、Electronic Commerce、Industry Innovation、Corporate Governance、Hospitality Management、Hotel and Institutional Management、Health Care Management、Tourism Management

Banking、Investment、Accounting、Finance Engineering、Portfolio、Emerge Stock Market、Insurance、Finance Management、Risk Management

Macro Economy、Micro Economy、Agricultural Economy、Ecological Economy Beauty Economy、Labor and Population Economy、Urban and Rural Economy International Economy、Industry Economy、Monetary Economy、Real Estate Economy

Psychology and Counseling、Adult and Continuing Education、Health Promotion and Health Education、Family Studies、Civic Education and Leadership、Special Education、Information and Computer Education、Library and Information Studies、Educational Policy and Administration、Rehabilitation Counseling、Early Childhood Education、E-Learning Technology、Higher Education、Lifelong Learning、Teaching and Learning

Political Science、Public Administration and Policy、Public Finance、Real Estate and Built Environment、Urban Planning、Natural Resources Management、International Affairs and Strategic Studies、Nonprofit Organization Management、Governmental Systems & Practices
Citizenship、 Methodology of Political Science、Comparative Politics、Introduction to Political Philosophy、Constitution in Government、Community Policies、Politics and Ethics Contemporary Just Theory、History of Socialism、Human Rights Theory and Practice International Relations、Political Economy、Political Elites、Empirical Democratic Theory Elections and Voting Behavior、Investigation of Public Opinion、Party Politics Congress and Legislative Behavior、Non-government Organization、Political Socialization Development of Civil Service、Presidential-parliament、Premier-president、Socialism Two-head Executive、Direct Primary、Federal State、Confederation、Structuralism Neo-institutionalism、Local Self-governance、Politics Research of Authority、Legislatures、Adaptation of Developmental States、Political Radicalism、Collectivism、Individualism、Anarchism、Oligarchy、 Authoritarianism、Republicanism、Communism、Totalitarianism、Humanism、 Empiricism、Comparative Analysis of Democratic Institutions、Political Democratization、Electoral Behavior、Voting Behavior、Political Development、Economic Diplomacy、Globalization Politics、Ancient Chinese Local Political System、Chinese Political Thought、Communist Party Political Power Reforming and Consolidated、History of Eastern Political Thought、Chinese Communist Party Political Development、The Local Political System Change in Taiwan、Democratization and Environmental Politics in Taiwan、Chinese Government and Politics、Gambling Theory、Mainland China social economy vicissitude、Political System of Qin and Han Dynasty、Political System of Sui and Tang Dynasty、Political System of Song and Yuan Dynasty、Political System of Ming and Ching Dynasty、Eastern Asian Government and Politics 、Government and Politics Japan Government and Politics、Japanese rule by law、History of western political thought、Western constitutional thought、Classical Politics、American Politics Research、European Government and Politics、European integration、Eastern European Government and Politics、La Cohabitation、African Government and Politics、Russian Government and Politics、Marx-Lenin thought、Asian political and economic comparison、Government and Politics in Southeast Asia、Colonialism、Taoism politics、Government and Politics in Middle East、Liberalism、Confucianists Politics 、Legalism politics、Postmodern Political Theory、Political Communication、Western Political Thought of Middle Ages、Western Modern Political Thought、German Philosophy and Politics、Multi-Dimensional Politics、Modern Country and Political Theory、Checks and Balances Between Church and State、Hegel's Political Theory、Political Theories Developed in the Industrial Revolution、Consciousness Theory

Sociology、Social Work、Technology and Social、Social Research、Social and Policy Science、Criminology

Communication Management、Journalism、Advertising、Radio、Television Film、Language and Communication、Information Communication Communication Arts、Education Communications and Technology、Publishing

Civil Law、Criminal Law、Public Law、Economic and Financial Law、Labor and Social Law

Linguistics、History、 Literature、Geography、Philosophy、Anthropology、Music、Art、Architecture Religion、African Studies、American Studies、Asian Studies、European Studies Religious studies、Museums & heritage、Poetry

General Psychology、Experimental Psychology、Cultural Psychology、Developmental Psychology、Educational Psychology、School Psychology、Military Psychology、Consumer Psychology、Psychology of Religion、Psychology of Law、Media Psychology、Sport Psychology、Physiological Psychology、Health Psychology、Environmental Psychology、Personality and Social Psychology、Measurement and Statistics、Mental Diseases and Psychotherapy、Industrial and Organizational Psychology、Consulting Psychology


Monday, April 11, 2011

Teach in Japan at AlivEnglish

AlivEnglish is located in Shonandai, Fujisawa in Kanagawa. Learn more about this interesting

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Realizing Autonomy - A One Day Conference from the JALT LD SIG

29 October · 09:00 - 18:30

Nanzan University, Nagoya

‘Realizing Autonomy’ is a book and a conference from the Learner Development Special Interest Group of the Japan Association of Language Teachers. The book will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in Autumn 2011, edited by Kay Irie and Alison Stewart, and with contributed chapters from Richard Smith & Naoko Aoki, Scott Thornbury and classroom practitioners in a variety of teaching contexts. The conference will be held on October 29th in Nagoya, Japan. Please visit the website at to learn more, register and submit a paper proposal.


Fifth Annual Japan Writers Conference

Fifth Annual Japan Writers Conference


This is to announce the Fifth Annual Japan Writers Conference. It will be in Kobe this year at Kobe Shion Women`s University on October 15th and 16th, 2011. Please mark your calender and plan to join us.

Learn More